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Character suggestions

For Simone and Marcelo

I thought this may be the easiest way to kind of tell you what we are going to do and what I would suggest you play


Our Story

DND is basically a mix of a board game with loads of dice rolling and coming up with and playing along with a story. 

For our Session, which will maybe take place towards the later half of February or March will take place in a shattered universe where you two alongside Ariane, Katy and Tom would do some crazy stuff to help fix reality. 


To do that, the DND game consists of characters, that you all play, that are a certain class. 

Class in this sense is like a job or profession. 

Ariane will be a Ranger, she gets to shoot things with a bow and arrows, and she can do a little bit of magic on the side and has a good relationship with nature and animals and such things. She'll be a wood elf, but we'll get to that in a bit. A good popular example of this is maybe Legolas. Or maybe even Aloy from Horizon

Katy is going to be a Paladin, which in essence is a holy knight. She will have to take one of three possible oaths that will bind her to certain abilites and things. But she will be able to hit people with big ass hammers or smite them with the power of her oath. She'll be a male gnome. Which is like a hobbit but smaller and more into tech. 

Tom will be a half-orc Monk. So his parents were an Orc and a human (ugh). Orcs are generally considered wild/feral and evil but half-orcs are alright. A monk is well a Kung-Fu person that relies on KI and martial arts to survive and kill monsters and such things. 

What does this even mean?

Well, technically it has to do with what dice to roll and what numbers are needed to succeed in whatever the person is doing. But we'll get to that once we are actually all together. 

But also it has to do with a bit of flavour. This is about the storytelling part. You'd be "actors" in a way that embody their characters. So these numbers for instance can represent how smart a person is or how strong and so forth. And the class determines what abilities and crazy shit they can do but it also kind of has an effect on how you play your part. 

Not an expert myself

As you know, this will be the first real game for me too, and I think for everyone except Tom. So I'll try to ease us into it all.  But in my mind, this would play out a bit like this:


Your party enters a room. On the other side of the door you'll find a horrible looking creature. As you enter, the creature slowly turns its head and its glowing green eyes focus on you before it opens its enormous mouth and utters a deafening roar and starts charging in your direction. 

What do you do?

It's Ariane's turn and so she says: "I recognize this creature from my time roaming the forests and hunting for those that would disturb our peace. It is a (some horrible creature) like the one that killed my brother's wife Tikilikimikikiki. I'll ready my bow and attack." 

Then both Ariane and I have to roll dice (I play every other creature and the environment) and depending on the dice roll, her attack will hit or miss, etc. 

Another situation may be that you encounter a sick person in a part of the city that is begging for help. Katy has an ability that is called "Lay on hands" and it can heal people for certain amounts of hitpoints. So she could decide to say something like this: "I have sworn to aid the weak and wretched creatures of the world. I shall heal your wounds, stranger. Come closer" and so forth. 

What abilities who has and such things will be added here over time. But for now, this should give you an idea of what I kind of think it will be like. I also assume it will be a bit weird at first. But that's what beer is for. 

I will have come up with an overarching story and characters and locations and possibly will have made something to easily visualize places and situations and monsters and all those things. Don't worry about that.
My Suggestions for your characters

I have to be honest, I found it very difficult to pick a class for you, but I eventually decided on a Sorceress. 

A sorcerer is born with magic in them. And depending on what spells the sorcerer picks has influence over elements and all kinds of crazy stuff. 

You could be a half-elf sorceress who met Marcelo's character on a pleasure ship (like a cruise ship) where he was performing. And his knowledge of history and musical things and his witty banter made you fall for him.


You have to be a bard. Like seriously. 

A bard is a bit of a shady character that is usually good with trickery and has a good way with people. But obviously his main thing is to be a musician and through the music a bard can influence the whole group or even enemies. 

You could be a human bard, that met Simone's sorceress on a pleasure ship, where you were an entertainer while Simone's character was a guest performer who impressed you with her magic and charisma. 


Together your background would be that you eventually got married and took a job on the pleasure ship you met on, "The Winds of Summer" While Marcelo's bard entertained the passengers with his songs and entertainment of the musical kind, Simone's sorceress used some minor spells to perform a little magic show. 

After a few months of living on The Winds of Summer like this, both got a bit sick of the whole Tourist situation and were looking for a change when disaster struck and our story begins.

Here is a little overview of the available races, in case you think you'd like to be something more exotic. Don't worry about the blue text, that's for me. 


We'll be using the DND Rules for the 5th Edition, the Players Handbook to be exact. Therefor the available races are:

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